Saturday, January 7, 2012

The next teapot adventure starts now...

A month or two ago, we had decided to pursue vases for our next Improv venture. However, an opportune suggestion from a friend has caused us to re-visit teapots yet again. Here are our choices for the next step. We have exchanged finished teapots and will each make two other accessories for each teapot not of our own creating. Follow along. The due date will be mid-April.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5th Annual Texas Teapot Tournament

18 Hands Gallery

A unique destination in the Houston Heights!

UPCOMING: International Texas Teapot Tournament!
Todd Burns, untitle red teapotJack Rotar, Friends from another planetSnail teapot

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14th, 6-9PM at 249-B W. 19th Street in the Houston Heights.
18 Hands Gallery is proud to jointly sponsor this exciting exhibition, along with CAMEO, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting ceramics and emerging ceramic artists. Join us to view the more than 60 teapots by an international cast of clay artists!

Here are the entries Sue has in the Exhibition:

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Life is good...

What a great promotion...

As I was gathering our teapots back from Columbia, I saw that Donna Green & Southern Pottery Workcenter & Gallery want to promote handmade in a positive way - "Choose Local Craft". Wonderful!