Monday, March 11, 2013

While at NC Potters Conference, a visit to Dwight Holland's house - WOW

Mugs along every beam in the kitchen & dining room.

Platters & plates all over the wall where the circular staircase  is.

A dinnerware set.


Tallest piece we saw...

Mata Ortiz pots behind a door.

More teapots.

Patti talking with Dwight Holland.

On the Saturday evening during the conference, everyone is invited out to Dwight Holland's house for camaraderie and to see his incredible pottery collection. I believe I heard him say that he has more than 1200 pieces and to see these pictures - one will agree - and these are just a sample. Simply inspirational and tons of fun! We are encouraged to enjoy the pottery - handle with care. His collection has been donated to East Carolina University in Columbia, NC as a teaching resource.

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